What to Consider When Choosing a Rainwater Drainage System…

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If you own your own property then you will surely know just how important it is to maintain it as well as you can. After all, property of any kind is likely to yield significant financial returns over time so it is vital you do everything you can to stop your investment from getting damaged.

Adverse Weather

Although there are many things which can cause your property damage, few threats are more capable and persistent than the reliably unpredictable British weather. Indeed, adverse weather conditions have the ability to cause fast and significant damage to your property if you do not have the proper measures in place to protect it. Heavy rain is one of the most dangerous weather events in this respect as it can cause your property to retain moisture, which over time can cause considerable damage.

Therefore, it is clear to see that having a high quality rainwater drainage system in place is absolutely paramount when it comes to maintaining your property’s overall good condition. Top level drainage systems are specifically designed and manufactured to provide buildings with optimal protection from heavy or constant rain fall so they really are something you need to have.

Choosing a Suitable Drainage System

There are a great many different types of drainage measures available on the market these days so choosing one option above all others can be quite a difficult task. Fortunately, you can narrow down your options quite quickly just by keeping a few important considerations in mind.


The first thing you need to consider is the overall style and appearance of your property. Indeed, you will want to ensure the drainage system you choose compliments the style of your building perfectly; if it does not then your property will lose some of its aesthetic appeal and perhaps even be marked down in price as a result.

Cast Iron, PVCu or Aluminium?

Cast iron and PVCu guttering are made up of similar components with only the material differing. The run of the gutter is split into sections, each of which fits together tightly and is held onto your facia boards with u-shaped brackets. One of the sections needs to have an outlet so the gutter can be connected to the downpipe. Aluminium gutters are another popular option. These offerings are usually manufactured in one long strip by passing a flat strip of aluminium through a forming machine. The gutter is then fitted with outlets, angles and stop ends to make a complete run. Cast aluminium guttering, which comes in sections just like cast iron and PVCu roof drainage solutions, is also available.

You will generally find PVCu to be the cheapest option; cast iron and cast aluminium to be mid-range offerings, and formed aluminium to be the most expensive. Cast iron and cast aluminium can both be painted whatever colour you wish, whilst PVCu is typically only available in one of four colours (black, white, grey and brown).

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