Wetroom drainage doesnt have to be an issue…

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Wetroom drainage doesn’t have to be an issue

Architects, designers and developers are really pushing the boundaries with the projects that they work on. When they’re given the freedom and scope to really unleash their creativity they design amazing contemporary properties full of cutting edge features. No expense is spared as they turn an empty shell into a stylish modern dream home.

It’s all very well very being creative, but stylish design has to go hand in hand with practical considerations. What looks best might not function properly and that’s no good. Smart design incorporates bold and beautiful features that look fantastic, but don’t cause problems further down the line. Drainage systems must function properly in order to make sure water runs off no matter whether a shower or wetroom has been fitted.

Shower drainage is designed for that particular style of bathroom. Increasingly people are turning their backs on the traditional bathroom with its separate shower and bath suites. A wetroom is a fantastic alternative. It looks great and feels luxurious too. It’s a very modern take on the bathroom. Once people get the chance to see or use one, they want one in their own home. Modern developers stay tuned to people’s tastes. When they design a new home they try to include one. After all, this is exactly what home owners want.

Getting the wetroom right is all about balance. From a design perspective, high quality tiles and materials help to create a smart, contemporary and luxurious finish. Exactly the kind of space that people want to wash and relax in. This is so much more than a regular shower. It’s a very different kind of experience. This is a room fit for a modern, twenty first century property.

With all that water flying about drainage has to be just right. If moisture hangs around then problems will develop. Wetroom drainage has to be specially designed for this new kind of bathroom. It’s discreet, stylish and highly effective. Effective drainage is essential and it’s good news that systems tick all of the right boxes. A tile drain or raised tray will do the job depending on the set up. Wiper shower drain channels can be used to stunning effect. A great modern architectural solution to making the wetroom work without compromising on the aesthetics.

A wetroom is spacious and minimalist. They look superb and are a pleasure to use. They do present design challenges, but nothing that a little forethought and planning can’t solve. Positioning of water and power services is critical. Then it’s time to seal them and make them totally waterproof. Water running off and dripping through into other rooms is a disaster. Finally drainage helps complete the picture. With the right tools, materials and expertise anyone can fit or include a wetroom in their home. Increasingly people expect luxury as standard. The humble bathroom is now a very different kind of space. A sleek, contemporary and stylish room that’s a pleasure to use each day. Drainage doesn’t have to be an issue with the right set up.

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  1. Sheila says:

    What can one do when the outside drain is inline with the water pipe

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