Wade acquisition creates the most comprehensive water management capability available to the UK food industry

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Wade acquisition creates the most comprehensive water management capability available to the UK food industry

Alumasc becomes the only supplier able to offer the right material for the task at every point of water management ‘from rain to drain’ including process wash

Wade International, one of the most highly-regarded names in factory floor drainage, has been acquired by Alumasc, the UK market leader in water management. Together Wade and Harmer, Alumasc’s established building drainage business, provide the only comprehensive ‘rain to drain’ solution that includes the complete range of waste water management systems required by food processing industries.

“For five decades, Wade International has been one of our most impressive competitors, driven by quality and a consultative approach to delivering exactly the right solution for every application,” explains Alumasc Water Management divisional managing director, Steve Durdant-Hollamby. “Although both companies have a broad product portfolio, our strengths are in different areas. Together, we become the only UK company that can operate as a single supplier for architects and engineers solving the growing challenges of rain and process water drainage in new and refurbished food industry facilities,”

Alumasc brings together five well-known names in water management: Skyline fascias, soffits and copings; Alumasc Rainwater gutters and downpipes; Harmer building drainage; Gatic civil drainage and access covers; and now Wade International roof drainage, floor drainage and grease converters. Where appropriate, each product type is available in a choice of materials, allowing the customer to specify the blend of high performance, strength and price that is right for every application. Wade’s portfolio and expertise is seen as a perfect complement to that of Harmer, which will be working closely with Wade’s food sector specialists.

“From new build to refits, architects and engineers can save time and money by working with a specialist supplier to help specify and then supply the optimum water management system,” says Durdant-Hollamby. “Until now, there has not been a single supplier able to offer sufficient breadth of range or expertise. With the acquisition of Wade, we are changing the way these systems are designed, taking the strain away from the building design team and applying the best specialist knowledge to deliver the right solution at every point.”

Food Processing – one of the most challenging environments

Wade’s technical manager, Andrew Becker, believes food manufacturing provides one of the most challenging environments for process drainage. “It’s the combination of possible contaminants, temperatures and mechanical loads that make the specification of every component critical,” he explains. “Something as basic as brine at elevated temperatures can affect the long-term performance of stainless steels. In some situations, particularly where sealing is required to prevent a biological hazard occurring, understanding the traffic profile is essential to ensure system integrity and prevent plant shut-down.”

Risk mitigation for Alumasc’s customers is a growing issue that has been strengthened by the Wade acquisition. While some competitors are increasing their ranges and reducing their prices by importing components from low-cost countries, Alumasc concluded that UK supply is essential. “Because of production ramp-up targets and late completion penalties, many of our customers are working to ambitious build schedules that have no room for a supply chain failure,” emphasises Durdant-Hollamby. “UK sourcing slashes supply chain risk. It also allows late stage design changes without significantly impacting project timescales.”

“Wade and Harmer together have an exciting announcement scheduled for Foodex,” he concludes. “It’s going to be a major investment that will change the way the food industry thinks about water management.”

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