The Importance of a Well-Drained Soil…

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The reality is that the majority of gardeners don’t have an ideal soil, particularly in terms of pore space. But, in a perfect world, soil will be half solid, half pore space in terms of volume, and the spore space should be made up of equal amounts of water and air.

Where soil is cultivated, how gardening takes place has a big impact on pore space.

What soil needs to do is hang on to the right amount of water while at the same time keeping enough empty pore space so that the soil can be aerated.

The problem where there is poor soil drainage is that, after heavy rain or irrigation, water takes up most if not all of the pores, leading to stress on plants

with reduced microbial activity and root function.

At the same time, without adequate soil drainage systems, the ground can soon become saturated at the surface, and there is often either a lot of run-off or erosion.

On the other hand, a soil which is well-drained lets water percolate much more easily, reducing both erosion and run-off, and enough empty pore space to encourage better plant growth.

However, you should also remember that soils can be too well-drained, especially where substitute soil has been brought in. Where this happens, gardeners are endlessly watering their gardens because the ground very quickly becomes dry.

The Percolation Test

To find out exactly where your soil falls on the percolation spectrum, just dig a hole 12 inches deep, level at the bottom and with even sides. Pour in water and give it an hour to soak into the ground for an hour.

Then refill and assess how quickly the water level drops during the next few hours.

An ideal rate of percolation is a couple of inches per hour.

Drainage of less than an inch an hour means poor drainage, over four inches an hour means draining is happening too quickly.

Adding organic matter can help, as can the use of the correct drainage systems.

How Alumasc Drainage Can Help

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Our soil and waste drainage

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We essentially offer a couple of high-performance ranges for soil and rainwater drainage applications in traditional and lightweight cast iron.

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