Summer’s almost here…time to start thinking about decking?

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With the summer months approaching, it’s just about the right time to introduce Modulock Raised Pedestal Supports.

The ultimate solution to the problems of external pavings, the Modulock system is definitely the high point of contemporary paving. It is based on a series of adjustable modular supports that simply and safely adapt to all kinds of floor. It ensures elegant, homogenous paving each time, without having to subject the building to radical structural work. It eradicates problems of damp, water infiltration and the accommodation of cables or pipes, at the same time allowing for quick, straightforward inspection.

Modulock Pedestal Supports are ideally suited for concealed drainage and support of paving slabs, timber slabs and timber decking at varying heights from the substructure. The pedestals range from 37.5mm to 550mm in height adjustment and the self-levelling head can compensate for any gradient up to 5o. Once the decking or slabs have been laid, fine adjustments can be made using the adjustment key.

A stable sub-base and an adequate means of surface water drainage are virtually the only prerequisites for the use of the Modulock Pedestal system. Irregular, stepped, uneven or sloping sub-bases can usually be easily surmounted by the system resulting in a new level raised floor.

You can read more about Modulock Pedestal Supports, and watch installation videos by clicking here.

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