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If you are running a hotel and are proud of the way your building looks, you will hardly want to compromise one of its biggest selling points with inferior or even standard looking drainage. At Alumasc Drainage, we can offer some of the best, most reliable drainage systems in the United Kingdom at prices that are very competitive. Our Harmer cast iron drainage systems are designed to not only perform, but also look the part, with authentic looking iron work that will bring your hotel bang up to date in terms of performance while ensuring that the traditional, authentic look remains intact. Both the Harmer SML and the Harmer LCC systems provide rainwater coverage and soil drainage systems to ensure that you have a consistent look across your drainage solution.

Fully Certified

Each of these drainage solutions come fully certified and manufactured in accordance with various quality requirements. The Harmer SML is BS EN877 certified and is recognised as a light option that will stand up to the elements particularly well. The Harmer LCC built to the standards of all of the relevant industry bodies too, such as the BS 416 factory dipped bitumen. This gives the pipework a very appealing look as well as being an option that will stand and operate reliably for decades. The Harmer SML also has great noise attenuation tested to BS EN 14366:2004, which improves the amount of noise audible from the drains, even under heavy load. For your reassurance the SML is also non combustible which means you can save on fire collars. Both of the options have a resilience to them which ensures that they can withstand bad weather and vandalism as well. For hotels these are both great solutions because they offer great performance and peace of mind, meaning you will invest less maintaining them over the years than other options.

Shower Drains

We also have interior drainage options for hotels in the form of a shower channel drain range which can be used in both wet rooms and showers. We have a wide range of different styles available each with different capabilities. You can choose from drains that can handle a flow rate of up to 1.3 litres per second and those with either caps or grates. If you are looking to improve the hygiene of your facility, then you can also invest in Harmer Shower ABS which are made from antimicrobial plastic to make the entire area cleaner. It may well be that you deploy these only in those communal shower areas.

Gulley Drains

Contemporary offerings include the Harmer Linearis Gulley drain which has that upmarket look for those hotels that demand only the best. The gully is actually invisible since it is set beneath a recessed cover which further adds to its luxury appeal. Since it can handle up to 0.9 litres of water per second it is a great option for those showers or wet rooms where you are providing high capacity shower heads.

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