Flooding highlights importance of effective drainage systems

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Let’s face it, the UK isn’t exactly renowned for its great weather. We may have enjoyed a warm and dry summer this year, but there is no doubt plenty of rain in store over coming weeks and months. This means it’s crucial that you have effective drainage solutions in place at your property.

You might not have any control over the country’s changeable weather conditions, but you can at least take measures to protect your property in the event of heavy rain. Here at Alucmasc we offer top-quality drainage systems that could be ideal for you.

Rain causes havoc in Midlands

Highlighting the importance of this issue, heavy rain in the Midlands recently caused mayhem for locals. According to a report in the Leicester Mercury, roads were flooded and people even had to be rescued from their cars. Firefighters were called out to a number of incidents in which vehicles had been surrounded by flood water.

One van was in a pool so deep that the water level reached its windows. Meanwhile, firefighters found a number of abandoned cars with no motorists around to claim them. Commenting on this, a spokesman for the fire service said: “The crew was actually on its way to another incident and they found several empty cars which had become trapped in flood water. They notified the Highways Agency which closed the road.”

In addition, a man was injured in South Wigston after he became stuck in flood waters.

Warning issued

Issuing a warning to motorists concerning flood water, technical rescue manager Chris Bilby remarked: “Remember six inches of moving water can knock an adult off their feet. Two feet of moving water is enough to move a car or a 4×4 vehicle.”

Twice the expected level of rain

Commenting on the heavy downpours, Leicester Mercury weatherman Dave Mutton noted that more than twice the amount of expected rainfall had fallen in the area in October.

Leicestershire was not the only part of the UK to suffer heavy rain in October. Indeed, the south of the UK experienced the worst conditions. A storm battered southern Britain towards the end of the month, leaving 625,000 homes without power and causing major disruption to commuters. A number of people even lost their lives as a result of the extreme conditions.

As well as heavy rain, many areas experienced strong winds. A gust of 99 miles per hour was recorded at the Needles Old Battery on the Isle of Wight.

Taking precautions

There is no way to prevent weather events like this from happening, but by making sure you have the best possible water drainage solutions in place, you can help to minimise the damage caused to your property.

If you’re interested in replacing your current drainage system or you need a drainage solution for a new property, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert team are perfectly placed to help you get the best possible system. Although these products require a certain amount of investment, they are well worth the money. As well as boosting the level of protection at your premises, they can enhance your peace of mind.

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