Could You Have a Wetroom in Your Home…

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Space is at a premium in homes these days. But, just because homes are smaller, it doesn’t mean that homeowners have to miss out on luxuries like an en suite bathroom. Traditional bathrooms, containing a bath, shower cubicle, toilet and sink, can often feel very cramped, and are impossible to fit into smaller spaces. Wetrooms are fully waterproofed spaces usually equipped with a walk in shower. They offer all the luxury associated with en suite bathrooms while taking up a fraction of the space.

Could you have a wetroom in your home?

Theoretically, anyone can install a wetroom in their home. Wetrooms contain an open, fully tiled shower area, so you only need floor space the size of a standard shower enclosure. In the majority of wet rooms, you will also need to install a shower screen to prevent the rest of the room getting sprayed with water. Most existing bathrooms can be converted to wet rooms and, because they take up minimal space, you may even be able to cordon off part of your bedroom to use as an en suite wet room.

Wetroom Drainage

In a wetroom, essentially your whole room is a shower. Because of this, they require a number of sophisticated drainage solutions. A gradient needs to be created so all the water in the space is directed towards the wetroom drainage. Usually, a sub-floor is fitted over the existing floor and then tiled over. This then directs the water either to a drain in the centre of the room or to a linear shower drain along the side of the space.

Wetrooms also have to be fully waterproofed. To do this, the walls and floors are generally covered with a waterproof membrane and are then tiled over. In many cases, the door to the wetroom needs to be raised from the floor by a few millimetres. This will keep the water contained if the room starts to fill up.

Tiles are the most popular floor covering for wetrooms. It’s best to use a non-porous floor covering, such as ceramic or porcelain tiles. They won’t be damaged by water. On the floor, you should only use tiles that are specifically for bathrooms as they won’t get slippery.

Wetroom Advantages

The popularity of wetrooms is increasing rapidly. They are incredibly stylish and perfect for creating a fashionable, contemporary look. Wetrooms can be installed in small spaces, and can create the illusion on more space in smaller bathrooms. By installing a wetroom, you can create a second bathroom in a home that wouldn’t otherwise be able to have one. This can also add value to your home. There are no predetermined sizes of wetrooms. They can be installed in unusually shaped spaces.

Wetrooms can actually prolong the life of your home. If installed correctly, wetrooms can protect your building from water damage and leaks. Having a fully-waterproofed room will also prolong the life of your tiles and grout. For the ultimate in luxury, you can even have under floor heating installed in your wetroom. They are also generally easier to clean than regular bathrooms.

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