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Drainage pipes are one of those integral systems you hope you will never have to change, simply maintain and rely upon. Unfortunately, like anything they have a lifespan that may come to an end sooner than expected. At Alumasc we have an extensive range of potential alternatives that have reached world class standards, particularly since they have BBA certification. We can also offer installers who have been trained to make sure the job is done right, first time so that your business experiences the least amount of interruption and delay to productivity. And because you want to be able to rely on your soil drainage systems for the foreseeable future, we can offer warranties that can be chosen to best protect your investments. We carry products from Harmer, Firestone, Hydrotech, Apex, MR, Zinco as well as our own rainwater range.

Harmer is at the forefront of providing soil drainage through either their SML L/W or LCC Trad Cast Iron range. The SML is a dry jointed network of drains that are known to be lightweight as well as BBA certified. They are also compliant with BS EN 877 which ensures the products you are investing in meet certain quality standards and requirements of operation. The SML is a complete system that will accept all soil and waste from your organisation and will form the piping that takes water from the pipework connection to the underground sewer connection. The great option with the Harmer SML is that it can also be used for rainwater applications as well, which can result in a more consistent drainage design if you are concerned about presenting your facility in the best possible light. These pipes are available in 3 metre lengths in diameters of 50 mm to 400 mm with stainless steel or ductile couplings.

The performance of this piping network will be all important to you, particularly since you will want to spend as little time maintaining them as possible. The SML system is naturally built for durability over many years and will prove to be the strong high tensile option you are looking for. It has great noise attenuation and as such, is tested to BS EN 14366:2004 which means that in operation, these will not be a source for disturbance. If vandalism or weathering effects are your concern, then the SML L/W Cast Iron is a great option since they are built to resist tampering or damage.

While the SML is great for pure functionality, they perhaps do lack an aesthetic appeal. If you’re looking for an option that combines performance with looks, then the Harmer LCC Trad Cast Iron is the one to go for. As you can tell, it has a traditional ironwork appearance which is great for vintage and Grade II listed buildings that require some period piping. These prove to be a great replacement for current LCC systems that have reached the end of their life, particularly since they come ready painted and are very easy to assemble.

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