CE Seal of Approval for Harmer SML Range

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Alumasc has launched an enhanced range of Harmer SML lightweight cast iron soil and waste systems that deliver a superb package of design and installation benefits to contractors and specifiers alike.

Picture 157Engineers  and  designers  have  the  reassurance  that  the  new  Harmer  SML  range meets  the  new  UK requirement for CE Marking, while installers can also benefit from the introduction of new ductile iron brackets.

Wayne Willmott, Sales Manager  for Harmer Drainage comments: “The CE Mark and new brackets are just two of the customer-focused features that make Harmer SML the market leading system for easier specification, greater choice and simpler installation.

Advances in cast iron technology have ensured that Harmer SML products are fully attuned to modern construction  needs.  The  system  is  durable,  recyclable,  quick  and  easy  to  install  and  requires  low maintenance.”

Manufactured  in Germany  to meet  the highest quality and performance  standards, Harmer  SML also carries  British  Board  Agrement  Certification,  05/4191.  The  pipes  and  fittings  meet  the  European Standard  BS  EN  877,  further  assured  by  the  new  CE  Marking,  showing  full  compliance  with  EU manufacturing, testing and technical performance requirements.

As  a major  benefit  for  contractors,  the  SML  range  now  includes  ductile  iron  brackets  that  provide continuity  of  material  across  the  all-iron  system.  These  brackets  can  be  used  for  vertical  and horizontal  rainwater  stacks  without  the  need  for  pipe  stack  supports  –  saving  costs  for  both  the contractor and end user. The brackets are manufactured in accordance with BSEN877 – the European standard for lightweight cast iron pipes and fittings.

Detailed information about the SML range can be found in a comprehensive new 72 page brochure that also  includes  an  invaluable  specification  guide.  And  as  a  further  aide, Designers  can  also  download Alumasc’s exclusive Drainage Design Calculator App which is available for PC and iPad.

Download  our  free  Calculator  software  or  the  new  SML  brochure today.

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