Bathrooms market tends towards opulence

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Many of us like nothing more than to soothe away our stress in a hot bath, or under the massage jets of a shower – and recently published research indicates that many Brits are willing to pay the premium for a truly opulent bathing environment. The report from MTW Research reveals that the bathroom and kitchen markets saw modest growth in 2013, which is likely to strengthen further in the coming year.

This is based on a survey of over 90% of the total market – and interestingly, it seems that more lavish bathrooms and kitchens are particularly driving the growth rate.

Elaborate tastes

Reporting on the study, The Tile Association said: “Product trends in favour of opulence and more luxurious designs appear to be growing in favour, with the over-50 age group identified by MTW as one growth sector for higher-value suppliers.”

In contrast, however, the long-term trend is towards getting the best visual impact from the available budget for any particular project, which might be seen as contradictory to the more recent shift towards lavish opulence. Either way, a good-quality bathroom or kitchen is not just about the way it looks. There are hidden features which, perhaps more than any other room in the house, can have a long-term impact on how enjoyable it is to use the room.

Quality down the drain

A good-quality drainage system can help to keep kitchens and bathrooms alike in good working order for the long term, meaning there should be no need to tear up those luxurious tiles or other fittings that you’ve just invested your budget in.

Cast iron drainage gives you a robust drain that should withstand whatever the elements throw at it for plenty of years – ideal particularly outside the house where the pipework needs to be buried beneath the ground, but also for making a visual statement anywhere the pipes are exposed indoors. And with the industry as a whole moving towards faster growth in the year ahead, those who are planning home improvement projects could find it is a good idea to specify components ahead of time.

Public luxuries

Of course, there are plenty of places where kitchens and bathrooms are used that are not in private homes, and in more industrial settings cast iron drainage can again provide the strength and stability that is needed. That could be anywhere from catering establishments to hotels and guest houses, where a leaking drain can put a room out of action for several days until it is repaired. This creates an otherwise avoidable void period and has a direct impact on bottom line numbers, not only in the cost of repairs but also because of the loss of revenue.

In this respect, it is potentially even more important for commercial premises to invest in good-quality fixtures and fittings, to reduce ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

And that makes it likely that, in the months ahead, these types of premises will play a major role in continuing to drive the trend towards more luxurious components in kitchen and bathroom design.

After all, creating a good sub-structure for the room serves both the short-term and long-term trends – the desire for a high standard of finish, and the prolonged move towards getting the best value from the budget.


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